Ruby’s Hero

Until Levi broke her heart, Ruby believed the worst moment of her life happened when she was injured in a multicar crash.

Ruby Larsen totals her car on the highway in a multi-car crash due to the current mayor’s neglect. Levi Rockhold, a paramedic pulls her injured body from the wreckage. The moment he reveals he’s running for mayor to improve the city and help the citizens of Millerville, he becomes her hero.

As she heals, Ruby rallies at his side and loses her heart in the process. But is Levi the self-sacrificing hero she believes him to be, or does she fall for the faux facade he shows the world that is a political lie?


My current WIP is about 20K short of my 75K goal. How did I fail to plan properly? I’m not sure, but since it is the first novel I planned and wrote, I’m not to upset. I admit I am learning. I’m not going to give up, but rather look over my novel and decide what to do at this point.

I took time away from it and sat back and read it as a reader. I think there are areas that can be further developed and a few more details added to increase the depth of the story.

When I started, I gave myself a four month deadline. I’m in my sixth month. Should I keep to my deadline, knowing I had no idea if I could make that deadline when I set it, or do I ignore deadlines and work to finish the best novel I can write?

I want to be a novelist. I do not want to publish inferior stories for the sake of a deadline, but at the same time, I will not finish if I don’t push myself.

I’ll keep you informed of my journey to finish Ruby’s Hero.


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