Scrivener Recommendation

I was a die hard Word writer. As an organizational freak, how could I not love the fact that I could have a new word document for each part of my story. One folder for characters, a different document for each person. A folder for each setting, a different document for each location. Folders within folders.

Then I found Scrivener.

I’ll never go back. In scrivener I can organize the same way, or a million other ways. I can also plot and write. Couldn’t I do that with Word? Sure can. But, not this easy. I can see all my files and folders in the binder, a list on the left side. With Word, I can, but not at the same time I’m writing. Also, with one click of the mouse, I instantly move between pages. I can easily rearrange the order of my scenes or chapters. Genius.

I admit it was time consuming to learn. I had to take a class on it. Well, it was my organizational side that wanted a class. I had taught myself within a few day half of what the program could do. It was enough and I was happy. But, in the class I learned all the bells and whistles. Most of them I don’t remember how to do. Who can remember probably a thousand things that you will probably never use? But, if I think I want to do it, I remember the program does it, then I can go to my ‘Scrivener for Dummies’ book and see how it is done. Thank you Gwen Hernendez!

I actually did that last week. I wasn’t sure how to add a photo to a character profile I was making.


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