Energy, or Lack of…

Red Bull abrirá inscrições para programa de traineeIt seems no matter what I do, I don’t have enough energy. I try to eat right, I exercise on a regular basis, I get 7 to 8 hours of sleep at night. But, my energy doesn’t take me through a full day. I know some days after super busy days, my body and mind require more rest. I don’t mind those days. But, it seems those days seem to happen more often.

So, what is the remedy? On days I have to have energy, I drink a red bull, or take a Ginsana. Those are wonderful energy boosters. But, they aren’t something I can rely on every day. If I drink a red bull after 2 PM, I can’t sleep that night, which will zap my energy for the next day. Sure, I can take a red bull again, but I know I will pay for it later by having sleep problems.

Ginsana is the same way. I can take a ginsana, but I will have sleep problems. One night of poor sleep won’t bother me, but I can’t deal with several nights of no sleep. I’ll become a grump.

Coffee helps, but if I drink it in the afternoon, I encounter the same sleep problems. There’s also the problem of it during summer. It gets hot drinking coffee. I don’t enjoy cold coffee, but I have tried it.

What do you do for more energy? Does it help?

Until I find the right balance to overcome my lack of energy, I’ll use Dory’s advice.

Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming.

Have a good day.

Christy Thomas


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