It’s amazing to me the problem I have with focus. What do I mean by focus? The ability to keep my attention on one thing. I plan my day to accomplish the most important things. If I accomplish them, great, if not, there is always tomorrow. What are the main things? Sleep. Eat. Brush teeth.

After I take care of those, there are plenty of hours left in the day. Work is in there most days. Yes, there are different categories of work. But when I say work, it is the leave the house and work to earn a paycheck work. That is up there with sleep and brush teeth. Sure, eat is up there too. But there are different versions of eat. There’s the peanut butter sandwich and roman noodles eat. Put something in your belly so you don’t die eat. And there is the ‘let’s go to Red Lobster or Texas Roadhouse’ eat where you enjoy it so much you don’t want it to end eat. It would be nice to eat like the second version of eat every day, but there is the money and time aspect to consider.

Back to the purpose of this blog. Focus. Was I focusing on focus? No. That is my point. When I set aside time to accomplish something, I need focus in order to do it in the time allotted. One example is the book I’m writing. For three months now, I’ve been saying I’m almost complete. Well, actually, it took me three months to write 90% of it. Why can’t I finish?

The editing is so much more complicated than I ever thought it was. I have to nit pick everything the characters do, say, wear, what they think, and where they are.

What would make this process easier? Focus. The ability to sit down for several hours and work non-stop. Oh, and of course stay organized.

Writing isn’t that hard. I’ve completed short works. So, why are the long one’s hard? Who knows. But, I am not going to stop.

So, as I babble on about focus, I will admit I am scheduled to be working on my story at the moment, and I decided to blog when I couldn’t focus on my scene. I will keep working on this lack of focus sickness.

Thanks for reading.

a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, top slice ...
a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, top slice of bread turned clockwise to show the peanut butter and jelly filling (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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