Story Holes

I’ve been thinking a lot on story holes. One reason I am taking so long on editing my rough draft is that I am fearful of a giant hole in my story. What adds to my fear is I’ve seen holes in published stories and movies. When I watch a movie and it continues all day and into the night, I can’t help but wonder, don’t these people ever sleep? I watched a 60’s cowboy movie this past weekend, and they did it. The movie I watched today did it. It was late at night and one scene had a uniformed cop and someone asked him, “When does your shift start?” His response was 6AM. I wondered, why he was working late night, and then had to be there the next morning. Then the next day, he was working in the morning, as expected, but when it turned night, he was still there working. Sorry, but anyone with a gun shouldn’t run around with a lack of sleep.

So, I’ll continue to nit-pick books and movies when I see a huge hole. Little holes don’t bug me. I think, it isn’t my job to double check a person’s clothes or schedule. But, big ones bug me endless.

While I got holes on my brain, better than holes in my head, I hope. I’ll be checking my own stories in hopes I don’t irritate a reader with stupid stuff that can be fixed if I take the time to look for it.

Have a good day.



Lack of sleep isn’t the only holes I notice in stories. They come in all kinds of forms.

A major goal for me is to not have a hole in my story. I’m not on a deadline now, so there is no rush. I can take my time and double check everything from my timeline to location and clothes.



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