It Could Happen

One of my pet-peeves as I watch a movie is a ‘realistic’ event. These events are shown to be realistic, but in fact can’t be. For example, one of Angelina Jolie’s movies, (and I can’t tell you the title because at this point I stopped watching) she punched a shark and got away. Many things are wrong with this scene. Yeah, they show you previously she is fit and strong. But, I don’t believe anyone is capable of punching a shark underwater hard enough for the shark to flinch and leave her alone.

I could probably list many movies and scenes. In every one, my response is, “It could happen.” with a dramatic eyeroll.

Something happened to me yesterday and my thought was, If I saw this in a movie, it would be a ‘It could happen’ moment. It was unbelievable. So much, my husband and I discussed the fact that we didn’t know it was possible.

We were working in an apartment complex on the second floor. During the day, we had taken the elevator several times to retrieve materials and tools. The elevator was nice and every time we’d get in and push a button, a female voice would say, “Going up”. Or “Going Down.” At the time of the incident, I was contemplating whether I had ever been in a talking elevator. I may have been, but it wasn’t memorable enough.

So, hubby and I got in the elevator, I pushed the button to the second floor, and I heard what I thought was the voice. I stood there wondering why the voice wasn’t as clear as before. It sounded nothing like ‘Going up’.

Then it came again, “Hello.”

Oh my God, I’m thinking, there is an elevator police. Someone needs to tell us we overloaded the elevator with the materials and tools. I wonder how much these people pay in rent to afford an elevator police.  I put on my brave face, and answer the unknown voice coming from the speaker. “Hello.”

“Oh, hello.” The voice continues, “I want to assure you I’m not calling to sell you anything…”

Calling. Selling. The woman rambles on. This is an incoming phone call. Intriguing.

“Are you aware you’re calling an elevator?” I ask.

“I’m sorry,” The voice said.

“You’re calling an elevator.” Now my mind is thinking of how this is possible. I study the panel and see a red button marked help. If I needed help, it must be a button to call someone. So, this elevator has a phone number, but not used for incoming calls. But, this telemarketer has the number and is using it to sell something. (Do you believe anything a telemarketer says?)

“Oh, I’ll make a note of that in my log.”

Now my mind is twirling. A million questions, and the voice is gone. Where did she call from? Had she ever called an elevator before? She didn’t sound shocked when I gave her the news that I, in fact, was standing in an elevator receiving her call. If I allowed the call to continue, what was she calling for? Or, selling?

Once my mind absorbs the incident, my mind thinks on scenes in my WIP I can have a similar situation. Uh, Oh. This isn’t believable. This is an ‘It could happen’ moment. If I read this, i wouldn’t believe it happened. But, it did happen. I saw and heard it happen. I participated in this. But, I still don’t believe it. No matter what situation I place my characters I don’t see this realistically happening in the most perfect time.

Which brings me to another question. Could she call when no one is in the elevator? Did I ‘answer’ her call when I pushed a button? Because, I didn’t hear the ‘going up’ that time.

So many questions and possibilities. But, even if I found the answers, I doubt I’ll use the idea. Sadly, It falls into the ‘It could happen’ Category.


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