The Morning Zone

Months ago, I read Rachael Aaron’s 2K to 10K. It’s a book designed to help writers improve by Knowledge, Time, and Enthusiasm. I highly recommend it.

It’s taken me a while, but I finally discovered, “The Morning Zone.” That is the time when I can get more writing done in the least amount of time. I have Rachael Aaron to thank for my discovery of this.

I have a full time, physically draining job. So, time doesn’t always mean my body is willing and able to do the things I want done. If you’ve read any of my blogs, what I want to do is to be a writer.

In the process of trying out new times and recording word counts, I got up at 4AM and wrote. What I noticed, was a vast difference in my work. Both in ability to write, and the amount of words I got down on paper. Okay, technically computer screen. But, eventually when I hit print, it will be on paper.

I now refer to these 3+ hours of writing time, as “The Morning Zone.” Not only do I have focus because I’m not exhausted from work, but my family is also asleep, so I am uninterrupted, and I don’t have to listen to the blare of the TV while concentrating.

You may be wondering, did I have any problems with my work routine? Surprisingly, no. Like I said, my work is physical. Not mental. If I had to think, I may have a problem, but I don’t. Writing doesn’t wear me out physically, but obviously, when I’m physically tired, I’m also unable to focus with my brain.

This decision seems to be a ‘no-brainer.’

Obviously, getting up at 4AM puts a kink on my evening time. I decided to make a choice. I had to give up evening time with my family, but most of that was time when we were doing separate things anyway. Since, I work with my husband, I still have hours of time during the day I can spend with him.

Is it worth it?

Definitely. I’ll be going to bed at least by 8 to be “In the Morning Zone.”


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