So you think you can write

ImageA few years ago, I entered Mills & Boons New Voices Competition. I had a great chapter that I thought was exciting, but I went no where with it. I had a few comments on it, so few I was alarmed. Was it so bad many people didn’t finish reading it?

Who knows, but I did have a few compliments, which helped motivate me to keep going. I pulled it out a few months ago and reread it. I thought it was great.

Harlequin/Mills &Boon have a competition next month called ‘So you think you can write.’ I have to admit, the title irritates me. I hear it in a sarcastic voice. It suggests that not everyone can write. Everyone can write. It may not be good writing, but it is writing. It also suggests a writer has to have written long enough to have a positive attitude. There are good writers that don’t think they can write. What about them? Aren’t they welcome in the competition?

I decided to continue working on my current WIP and enter it. Tonight I’m reading a few first chapters in Harlequin Superromance books. That is the line my story is most suited for. One thing I need to work on is ‘romance’. I have a story line with a brief splattering of romance. For it to fit in with Harlequin, I need to increase the amount of sweetness. I admit, I’m not the romantic type. I’d be happier if my husband washes the dishes instead of buying me a dozen roses. If I’m not the romantic type, does that mean I can’t write romance? I hope not. There are many people that write about murder and crimes. Not all of them will leave the house and commit a heinous act. Well, I would hope most of them won’t.

This next month, my goal is to spiff up my first chapter and write a 100 word pitch. Once that is done, I need to edit the entire manuscript. There is a chance I will have to send in my full manuscript. Even if I don’t get that chance, I’m hoping to get enough comments and suggestions on how to improve my story.


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