Recycle Party/Swap Party

Today I attended a Recycle Party, otherwise known as a Swap Party. Each person brings 10 items they no longer want. At the end of the party, they buy or take a chance to receive different items. The picture with the horses show the items I had and no longer wanted to keep. The only thing not shown is a microwave I also took.


The rules are simple. Each person is give 8 clothes pins marked with a number. Each person then goes around and ‘shops’ for what they want by leaving a clothes pin on the item. If you are the only person to put a clothes pin on something, then that item now belongs to you. If more than one person puts a clothes pin on something, then you can either create a type of game to determine the winner, or all of the clothes pins can be put in a hat and the winner is drawn.


If there is an item you really want, you can leave as many clothes pins to increase your chance of winning, or receiving the item. After all of the items that have been pinned are claimed, then the remainder of items can be shopped for. At this party, we did an ‘open shopping’. If you want it, then grab it and it is yours. It can be done other ways if there are still really good items left. There were items left that no one wanted. We decided to donate the remainder items to the local 4-H because they will be having a garage sale to raise money next week.


The second picture shows the items I brought home. I love frames and teapots. I have a group of antique frames and I have a nice teapot with two tea cups. These are items I would have bought if I saw them for sale somewhere.


I was amazed to see several items I had taken many people wanted. Six people wanted the microwave. I started not to take it because I thought ‘who needs a microwave, most people have one.’ Everyone that wanted it said, ‘oh, I know so and so that needs one’. Several people wanted the horse picture I took. All of her neighbors had horses, so these were horse people. ImageImage


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