Spring has sprung


I love Spring. New life. Green, my favorite color, is everywhere.

As a writer, I am doomed to always see at least two sides to everything. I look for the good, and the bad, and if there is another side, I’ll find it. There is the allergies I am forced to suffer.

We now have a beautiful lawn, thanks to all the rain we had over the weekend. It is freshly cut and a beautiful sight as I sit on the front porch. What can be a down side to this? It took a while to find it, but as with each season, the sun is located at a different point in the sky. Now, where I normally sit, I have the sun beating down on me. For me, it is a negative thing, but other people may love to bask in the sun. Another interesting thing, different characters will see the same thing different ways!

I’m not a negative person by nature, but I have found it beneficial to my writing to look at everything from multiple view points. (It has ruined me. I can no longer talk politics with anyone.)

I encourage you to look for the good in everything, even if it first seems bad.

Feel free to leave me a comment about anything. I’d love to hear from you.

Enjoy your Spring,


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