Portals is Published!!!

Portals_FinalCoverThank you for joining me today. On my writing journey, I’ve had quite a few ups and downs, especially since I had no idea how to get to where I wanted to be. The great thing about this journey, is that it will never be finished. I have so many stories in my head, I won’t ever get them all written.

Today, June 5, 2014, Maronda’s Quest will be published by Roane Publishing in Portals, a fantasy anthology.

Join me today at 4PM Eastern time on Facebook for the Portals Release Day Party and a chance to win a three piece dragon figurines. See no evil, Hear no evil, and Speak no evil.


If these little cuties don’t appeal to you, and if not I’m flabbergasted, then don’t worry, there will be more prizes and surprises. The party starts at 2 PM and there will be giveaways every hour.

see, hear, speak dragons 2

Maronda’s Quest by Christy Thomas, a one page snippet

“I’ll keep you safe from the dragon,” Lenox said. He leaned over Maronda and licked his cracked lips. “Come to my bed.”

Bile rose in her throat. “Pig. Get away from me. My training will keep me safe, not your stench and sweaty palms.” Maronda picked up the closest sword on the practice field and swung at the oak limbs tied together with twine meant to resemble a small version of the dragon. The head fell to the dirt with a thud.

“Don’t listen to the old hag at the apothecary.” Lenox circled behind her and peered over her opposite shoulder. Dirty blond hair fell over his boyish face. “A woman is safe from the dragon’s thirst only after she loses her virginity.”

She felt him grab her hips from behind and grind into her backside. “Ewwww.” Maronda jabbed her elbow into his abdomen, forcing him to release her. “That’s not true. The dragon attacked Ma when I was in the womb, and when Pa battled in her defense, he died.”

“The dragon killed your Pa, too? I should have known. The beast has slain so many.” He studied the closest cloud formation. “Of course, the last dragon known to exist would be the deadliest. He’s extremely cunning to take down most men that engage him in battle.” He pointed to the sword with his chin. “If you keep training like a man, he’ll hunt you, too.”

Maronda raised her sword and stepped toward the mock dragon. “Anyone will satisfy his palate, if the demon’s hungry.” A red cloth was pinned to the side of the replica. It taught inexperienced hunters the ideal spot to penetrate the dragon’s thick hide and pierce the heart. No longer needing the teaching aid, she closed her eyes and thrust the sword in the beast. “I must go. Ma’s waiting.”

“Wait.” Lenox rushed beside her. “You don’t have to—you know—take the quest decreed by the Grand Wizard. No one has seen him in years. He’s probably dead.” His head constantly scanned the sky and surrounding woods for threats. The training had been ingrained in them both since before they could walk. People or animals risked attack by the dragon anytime they were out in the open and vulnerable.


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