Third time is a Charm

determinationIt seems that everything I do, I have to do it three times before I get it right. I used to get frustrated, irritated, and want to pull my hair out. Who has time to do everything three times?

When it comes to writing, I don’t mind. If anything the first time I learn about my characters and the setting. The second time I work out the plot holes and problems. By the time I write the scene the third time, I’m excited. I’ve improved everything at least three-fold.

Lately, I wrote a scene and thought, Wow! I don’t need to rewrite that. But, I did. And, I improved it.

Sure, I’d love to be the writer that can crank out the stories at a rate of 10,000 perfect words a week, but after a bit of thought, I’d rather be the writer that “Wows with every Tale Told!”, even if it takes me four tries.


3 thoughts on “Third time is a Charm

    • You are so right. I’d cringe if I had to show anyone a first draft.

      I don’t think I rewrite or do another step for luck, but after reading about ten times if I get bored I know there has to be more that I’m missing. So, realistically there could be a fourth, fifth, or ten zillionth time out of necessity. 🙂

      • When I’m so tired I know I probably couldn’t catch anything story wise, and I’ve read it one time too many, I always do that last read through. It’s amazing what you catch in that last read through, when you feel like you’re going to jump out of your chair and run screaming. 🙂 Comma drama, sound alike words, and even a dropped quotation mark! The last read through is always worth the while–and always pushes you to your breaking point. 🙂

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