Tricks of the Trade

SK quoteAs much as I love Stephen King, I have to disagree with this statement. It may be correct for most writers, but the fear of publishing a poorly written story motivates me to keep working on a story long after I have gotten the story line down.

I hate labels, because many times it is an incorrect way to look at something. At the same time, I am quick to relabel something if it will help motivate me.

I never say, “I’m writing, or I’m editing.” Both words sound like work to me. I imagine myself confined to my chair, forcing myself to get words down, or constantly autocritting those words. Yuck!

I love to “Storytell”, and “Perfect”.

Both those words create a picture of a finished product of what I want. I aim for a well crafted story that readers will love. I just happen to be the one there to dictate the story.

Are there any silly tricks you use to accomplish your goals?


One thought on “Tricks of the Trade

  1. Hmm…silly tricks…. I sometimes try to use something good like a TV show or good book or good food as a reward for getting to a certain place I want to be–of course I usually give in to myself about half way through my goal. Turns out I can be very persuasive. 🙂 I hope that quote isn’t too true, though fear is certainly the reason a lot of stories aren’t written, ’cause I write and edit terrified. I write hoping it will turn out good, and then I edit hoping I won’t mess something good up, because I played with the words. Sigh.
    I like the “storytell” and “perfect.” 🙂

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