Nano and why its not for me.

ancient authorsI love the idea of Nano. It pushes writers to accomplish something they want and need to do. Write stories.

I would love to write an entire novel in one month. It isn’t that I can’t write 50,000 words in a month. I can do that easily. I just can’t write words for the sake of writing them. The faster I go, the longer revisions take. The longer they take, the greater the chance that I will get frustrated or bored with the idea of the story. Trust me on this. I have many novels that I have started and never completed. (I swear I’ll go back to them one day)

I thought I would be ready this year if I outline and plan. I planned, plotted, and outlined for 2 months. I’ve written the first scene probably eight times. I’m about to go for the ninth time.

I can’t imagine continuing with a story if the beginning isn’t set. There are no small fixes. When I fix something later, like thoughts, it seems goals and motivations change. Then, everything after that scene changes.

Good Luck to everyone Nanoing this year.

I’ll write at least 50K this month, but I’ll write my story my way. I’ll write a scene as many times as necessary in order to get it right. The good news is that the first scene is always the hardest. Once I get that one down, the rest usually falls into place.


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