To Thanksgiving shop, or not.

wild turkeyOn Thanksgiving we are supposed to be…um…thankful.

It seems everywhere I look, one person or another is complaining about stores opening on Thanksgiving. It’s unfair to those that have to work. It’s fueled by greed. It’s horrible.

Wait a minute, I thought on Thanksgiving we were to be Thankful. Be glad you have a job. Be glad that the economy is so good most of us can go out and spend money. Be Thankful……. I can write for hours things we can be thankful for, but I’ll cut this paragraph short. You can fill in the blanks what YOU are thankful for.

I know we all want to be with our family and friends on this important day to celebrate. In the real world, we can’t control everything-including large corporations that know they need to bring in the money while there are people wanting to spend. Big corporations answer to shareholders that demand a large profit. They aren’t about to turn down a chance for more earnings.

Many people have jobs and they are required to work. Doctors, nurses, those in the travel business, policemen, firemen.

Are these people giving up Thanksgiving? NO

They celebrate on another day, or before or after work.

Why can’t people be flexible and celebrate around work schedules without complaining? After all, that is what the season is about. Being Thankful.

Feel free to comment. I’ve already seen I am the minority in my thoughts on this.

To answer the title of this blog, NO I don’t shop on thanksgiving. I prefer to buy online, but I am not about to tell someone they shouldn’t shop on that day. If they want an item on sale, I urge them to buy what they want and save money. And I am not about to make them feel guilty for what they choose to do.

The Thanksgiving spirit isn’t confined to one day a year. I urge people to embrace the Thanksgiving spirit and be thankful that we can choose to be happy. We can also choose to celebrate on any day. My family of police officers, nurses, air traffic controllers, and Postal workers (they may not deliver mail on that day, but sorters are required to work) are celebrating on the 22nd.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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