I’m Innocent


This was the sight we came home to yesterday. Our sweet, curious puppy, Shadow, had chewed up an entire roll of toilet paper.

He’s a puppy. These things are to be expected, but we’ve had him long enough that he’s learned what belongs to him and what doesn’t. He is very familiar with the phrase, “That’s not yours!” I have no doubt the moment he stood on his hind legs, reached his paw across the bathroom counter, and snagged the roll of toilet paper, in his little doggy mind, he knew he was doing something he shouldn’t do.

One of the traits I love about him is his curiosity. He sticks his nose where it doesn’t belong. He looks at everything, sniffs everything, and loves to explore. So, when I opened the door to find a pile of shredded toilet paper, I couldn’t be angry.

I was hysterical with laughter.

As always, when we come home, he’s excited to see us. This day was no exception. If anything, he was more excited that we’d come home. He’d had so much fun shredding the paper, I think he wanted us to share in his delight. I was surprised this picture turned out as well as it did. Shadow was so excited he wouldn’t stand still for me to take it.

I understand his excitement. I have to admit I’ve done things I know I shouldn’t do, but was still excited when I did it. I’ve eaten the large Banana Split when I was on a diet. The day I got my wisdom tooth pulled, I had a margarita when I took my pain pill. Neither one of these things are recommended, but at the time, I still did it, enjoyed it, and knew I shouldn’t have done it.

Have you ever done anything you shouldn’t have and failed to feel guilty?


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