Curious Puppy

IMG_0738 (1)

Just last night I found a partial piece of bread on the floor. I picked it up and studied it to find it was wet, soggy, and gross. I looked around automatically knowing Shadow had gotten hold of food he shouldn’t have. I found nothing incriminating.

This morning hubby asked why I hadn’t bought bread when he knew he’d written bread on my grocery list. I assured him I had bought bread, even going into the story that I was happy that the brand of bread he prefers was on sale. The bread was mysteriously gone, and I failed to put two and two together that our sweet innocent puppy had a small piece of bread that he’d been playing with the night before. A half hour later, hubby hauled from outside a half loaf of bread found underneath the stairs.

Lesson learned.

At least I hope it’s learned. Anything safe on the counter, or desk, isn’t safe. Now that the little puppy is no longer little he can, and will, reach things that don’t belong to him.

Today’s assignment, along with walking puppy to give him an outlet for all the puppy energy. Check where everything in the house is located. Push things back from the edge of the counter, tables, and desks. This isn’t a cure-all. It is a start. I have to remember not to place anything near the edge later. Twice he’s gotten books I was reading.

Love that puppy!


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