The Voice Marathon

What would we do without a DVR?

I never watch anything at the time it airs. What usually happens is we end up with several episodes of something and we watch them all in one sitting. This weekend we’ve been having a The Voice marathon.

If you’ve never seen The Voice, it starts with the blind audition. People sing and the coaches choose whether they want them on their team or not. The catch is that they don’t see the contestants, so they are only judged by their voices. This is good in the fact that someone who may not be ‘pleasing to the eye’ gets a chance to prove they can sing. Which is actually sad. It also shows how judgmental people are in everything we do. I could get into talking about Milli Vanilli, but that needs to be another blog in itself.

What I love about The Voice is how it emulates life. It is motivating. Inspiring. And Heartbreaking.

People work their hardest for what they want. We’re given their backgrounds, see their journey, and what they had to overcome to get where they are. We’re also with them when they are eliminated.

I can’t tell you how many times I wanted one person to continue, only to have them sent home.

This is real life. Only one person, or duo, can win The Voice. Being sent home doesn’t mean they can’t continue to sing professionally. It just means they aren’t going to win this one competition. I would love to see an episode where they give follow ups on past contestants. I’d like to know how many stopped singing altogether, and how many continued to pursue the career they claimed to love.

I can’t help but think that if they are sent home, and they quit the singing career they wanted, they did it because of one person’s opinion. Even though they may have gained thousands of fans after being on TV, one person demotivated them so much they quit.

I hope I never let one person derail me from my dream. I understand if they win the voice, they have coaches, and people right there to give them career advice. Without a coach, they have to figure it out on their own. They have to build their fan base, find their own singing gigs, etc… In other words, it is a lot more work. No matter what career you have, it’s work.

Would you rather work at a career you love, or one that you have to pursue, because you have to make money?

Watching the Voice reminds me to follow my dream and work hard at it. It also reminds me not to quit, no matter what one person said.

Time for the battle rounds, so I’m off to watch, actually listen, to the music.


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