Bye Bye Dark Ages

Technology can be the best time-saver in the world. In an instant, we can contact friends and loved ones and share all the tiny details of our lives.

Look what I ate for lunch.

Look at this awesome sign I passed while running errands.

This small thought run through my head, and I wanted to share it.

For years, I didn’t want to give up the time to learn all of the ways I could keep in touch. After all, if it’s that important, I’ll pick up the phone later and tell them the¬†experience in a long-winded conversation while learning what they were up to since we talked last.

But, later never came. I always found something else to take my time. I had chores, work, cooking, and then I was too tired to pick up a phone. I’ll do it later I thought.

So I chose not to get a smartphone, or a tablet. Another factor that led to this decision was the fact that I lived in an area that did not receive cell phone reception. I’d always had a cell phone for emergencies, like a flat tire. I never felt the need to upgrade phones because I was limited to when and where I could use it. I’d also found a great plan. I had 150 minutes for $15. Since I never went over 150 minutes, I rarely paid over $21 a month. If I upgraded to a smartphone, and had access to all kinds of features, I’d lose my cheap plan, and still would rarely use the phone, so I’d be wasting money.

A week ago, I received noticed from Sprint. The old flip phone I’ve had for 8 years won’t work after they perform some kind of upgrade.

So I walked into the store, grumbling under my breath because I didn’t want to upgrade. The woman was wonderful. She listened to me and understood my predicament.

After discussing my options, I got another flip-phone with the same $15 a month plan, and I got a tablet with a $15 1G plan. Now, I may have to upgrade plans on that in the future, but until I know how much I will need, I’m not going crazy with a large plan.

I’m happy with my Sprint plan.

Here’s to the future and being able to do things I only dreamed of before.


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